Long Island Medium’ pays for headstone for Jamestown family By Wendy Reuer

Long Island Medium’ pays for headstone for Jamestown family
By Wendy Reuer

FARGO – Codi Clark got much more than just a message from her departed son at “Long Island Medium” Theresa Caputo’s live show here Wednesday night.
Clark, a Jamestown native, lost her 18-month old son Eli Garret Swensrud on Nov. 29, 2014, after he drowned in the bathtub.
“Is there something about a headstone?” Caputo asked Clark in front of about 4,000 fans at Scheels Arena.
Clark nodded and said she and the father of her twin boys recently sketched out what they would like to see at Eli’s grave, but they weren’t able to afford what they wanted.
Without hesitation, Caputo volunteered to cover the cost.
The audience broke into applause and Clark’s small frame doubled over in shock and disbelief before reaching out to ask Caputo for a hug.
Clark told The Forum Thursday that Caputo gave her backstage passes and told her to come see her after the Fargo show. There, Caputo shared her contact information so the stone company can directly send her an invoice for the headstone or grave marker.
The marker’s estimated cost is $8,600. Clark plans to include photos and an engraved portrait of Mickey Mouse, her son’s favorite character, on the stone.
Clark said she hadn’t heard of Caputo or her reality show, TLC’s “Long Island Medium,” before Wednesday. The father of a Jamestown classmate who died by suicide bought extra tickets for Caputo’s live show and offered one to Clark.
“I almost didn’t go to the show,” she said Thursday. “I’ve been super sick, but I had the feeling I was supposed to be there. It was pretty remarkable. I’m definitely a big fan now.”
The headstone wasn’t the only gift Clark got from Caputo. Caputo told Clark that her son confirmed his death was accidental and that she should let go of any guilt.
Jamestown police said last year that Eli and his twin brother, Trey, were at their father’s home and they were being watched by his girlfriend while he was at work. The woman stepped out of the room to tend to another child and, when she returned, Eli had climbed into a bathtub and was underwater. His death was ruled an accident.
“I’ve always kinda questioned if it was accidental or not,” Clark said. “[Knowing that] helps me with my grieving process tremendously.”
Caputo said the boy said his father carries the grief and guilt of his death.
“I’ve known that for a long time,” Clark said. “Last night, I got a lot of answers.”
Throughout the show, Caputo — wearing a blue dress and rhinestone-bedazzled heels — walked the arena to find about a dozen recipients of messages from spirits, or dead people. That included family members of three men who recently died in a Minnesota boating accident and a woman whose sister was murdered many years ago.
Caputo tries to give peace and healing to those who have suffered loss. The practicing Catholic said, “For me, it’s a gift and I consider it an honor and a privilege to be able to deliver messages from our departed loved ones, to give people back that faith and hope in themselves.”

Caputo said Wednesday that all profits of her fan club, where show tickets can be bought, are donated to a local Long Island Meals on Wheels organization and Wounded Warrior branch.


Thank you for the beautiful experience , tears and lots of laughs last night in Des Moines . I’m always in awe watching you do readings on your Tv show on TLC but to actually witness it in person was beyond anything I could’ve ever imagined . ❤❤❤
Iowa Loves you Theresa !!!!! Hurry back soon-‎Beth Ganoe

You were beyond AMAZING at your show in Lincoln…spot on for so many people…and then you got to my family, I was speechless! You read us perfectly, did not miss a single thing. What a great show we were laughing and crying, I am so impressed by the donations for the Veterans and Meals on Wheels. Theresa you are a CLASS ACT. And you said my daughter was pretty, that was the cherry on top. I can’t thank you enough.-‎Melissa Schaefer

Came to your show in Kansas City last night. You were amazing! And even though you didn’t personally speak to me I felt my brothers spirit speaking to me through another young man you read about his brothers suicide. It was so very similar. Thank you for all you do in helping people find peace and comfort knowing their loved ones are in a better place and want us to be happy and live our lives. You looked so beautiful last night and you really rock those heels. I have no idea how you can stand/walk in them the whole show but you go girl. Much love!-Julie McCain Inman


My ‘baby’ girl took me (4 my Bday) 2 see U in Vegas
(200 + mi. ea. way!) I LOVED watching you help people!!!
I believe ANYone there would lose ANY doubts re your gift=
YOU are the REAL DEAL!- MamaSu Cee

Just got home from your show at The Orleans. You were amazing! I have watched your Show on TLC all the time but to see you in person was very special ! It reinforced what I aalready knew about spirits of love ones who passed. Thank you!-Dorothy Citrino

Such a amazing time last night. What you gave the family that lost there 18 year old son was breath taking. We all cried like babies not a dry eye in the house-Krissy Tafel-Deem

I drove to see you last night in Reno. It was an amazing time. I didn’t come for a reading, I came to watch you fix heart broken people seeking answers and comfort and I was not disappointed. You are an amazing person…….with AWESOME SHOES!!!!-Linda Talmon

Just got home from your show at The Orleans. You were amazing! I have watched your Show on TLC all the time but to see you in person was very special ! It reinforced what I aalready knew about spirits of love ones who passed. Thank you!-Dorothy Citrino

I can honestly say you are amazing .. I seen you at San Manuel casino and you did a reading my aunt and uncle came through both were murdered .. The details you gave were spot on … 100% thank you for that -Lori Aranda

We enjoyed the show sooo much. There was very sad moments especially with the four year old boy who can swim now and the young man that lost his Mom and he was living in Sin with his Girlfriend, lol you called it something else, your own made up word lol. His poor heart was so broken and I’m sure after wards he felt so much better. Tissues, tissues, and more tissues. You put on a great show and we were so Thankful you came into the bleachers and did a few readings there. You were only 10 feet from us. Whoot whoot. Great show.-Tammy Boynton Van Avery

I was in the audience in the balcony and you talked to someone two seats from me!!! YOU WERE AWESOME Theresa—your messages were well received and we could feel the healing process throughout the Proctor. When you mentioned writing-I know someone else stood up to speak but I KNOW my nanny was there at that moment, quiet as she ever was-as I had written a book of poetry a while back, dedicated it to her and placed it in her gravesite….THANK YOU for all you do GOD BLESS YOU for your messages of healing and love and most of all for all you and LARRY (he is a handsome devil in person!!) do for other… The show was a blast!!!!-Diane Poullet

Theresa!!!! Your show last night at Mohegan Sun Casino was totally amazing and uplifting!!!
You keep it on the *real* and for that alone i am in awe of you!
I didnt get a reading but was amazed for the 3 hr show of those you did help heal
i plan to enjoy the book i purcahsed and will be proud to wear the hoodie that kept me warm threwout your show!!!! (dang woman…im going threw menopause too but that my friend was too dang cold…EH?) lol-
Christina Maltais

I wanted to Thank you so much for the wonderful reading last night in Manchester and for taking the time to call my cousin on the phone. You where amazing. I got the tickets for my Daughter Taylor’s 12th birthday and it was something she will never forget. She loves your show.-Debbie McIntyre

I spoke to you briefly last night in Worcester Massachusetts and you gave a very touching reading to some folks we know from Southbridge. You are awesome, beautiful, funny, inspiring and your shoes were definitely “fabulous”….LOL! Thanks for a wonderful experience. Love you!-Kelly Gravel Spinelli

Theresa, I saw your show in GF Montana with my daughters. I was blown away with how passionate & caring you were with all the hurting people you were able to connect with their loved ones who had passed. And you did it for 3 1/2 hours. The audience of us 1800 people were mesmerized. I felt much peace when your show was over. God Bless you!!-Diana Burfield

What an awesome experience! I actually received a message about my mom from Theresa on Friday!!! My sister Marcia also received a message about her daughter who had passed away!!! I swear my sister looked ten years younger the next day!!!! I know my dad was trying to step forward too but I think he knew I needed to hear from my mom the most! Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you!!!!-Michelle M Ricks

Great show in Calgary last night! I laughed, I cried and it’s was great to see so many people receive messages! XO-
Tara Smith

I’m in Michigan but from Vancouver you gave a reading to my friend Dawn who lost her daughter Summer ty for giving her that gift the lost of her daughter shook the whole community xoxox-Laura Cooper Burda

Theresa my family received a reading from you in kelowna! You called my mom!! Haha!! We thank you so much for the gift you have given to our family! -Katie Ellis

Loved your show in Kelowna BC so hoping you would walk over to me talk with my daughter and I , however it was so nice to see everyone get some peace after talking with you. Thank you for helping that young girl up high in the stands who lost her dad.-Pixie Dust Painting

I wanted to thank you for the amazing show last night in Kelowna. It helped explain a lot of what I’ve been going through, experience and to look at the passing of my loved ones in a new way. You’re truly an amazing and inspirational woman. Thank you again for coming to Canada.-
Krystal Babcock

Just saw you in Vancouver Theresa, you were AMAZING! You truly touched those people’s lives forever! Thanks for sharing your gift, it was wonderful to be in your presence! Much love!Leanne Joy

It was so nice talking with you last night Theresa. I was surprised when you mentioned the train accident. It was good though.I wish you the best with the rest of your tour and look forward to seeing you again next year! Much love Doll!-Lisa Blair Meyers

Saw you last night in kent, WA the first person you read was the lady sitting right next to my mother can’t wait till you come back. You’re awesome!!!-Erin Taylor

I think God gave you your sense of humor to be able to cope! I was overwhelmed last night in Eugene. It was so powerful to feel the compassion that came from the audience members toward those who were receiving messages. Even though it was not directed from my mom, messages from spirits who were bipolar parents helped me heal. When you were talking to the woman whose 14 year old was murdered, I felt warmth go down my arms and I wondered if my mom was trying to send healing thoughts in that moment for the time she shook me and left handprints on my arms! Also, when we were getting ready to leave for the arena, my handicap placard was missing. I had to search my house and car for about ten minutes. I found it under the passenger seat in an odd place. I had just used it a few hours before. Maybe my mom was not ready to send messages in front of 4000 people but I found healing last night anyway! Thank you for coming to Eugene and I am so happy you got to experience VooDoo donuts!!!!!-Margaret Glenday Innocenti

It was a amazing evening of spirit, bs, and ball sacs!! It was awesome! in Stockton,California thank you, Theresa!-Marisa Duncan-Klein

Sunday nite was beautiful and so emotional. Thank you for letting spirit heal all those people. It must have been tough to see it all unfolding – Amazing and actually beyond words. Thank you thank you for being courageous you. Amen -Jeannie Rock Anderson

Thank u for last night Theresa! Sorry I was a sobbing mess!-Rachel A Mitalovich

I Love you, it’s been almost a month since I was blessed to receive a message from my mom through you in London ON and it still blows me away. The amount of peace I feel in my soul, after 13 years, it’s just beyond words incredible. You gave me back my momma, you gave me back what I though was forever lost…..this Mother’s Day will be a little bit easier because I know she’s here with me, every step of the way. Thank you so much Theresa for doing what you do and sharing your remarkable gift with us all☀️