Es war mir eine Ehre mit dir den Abend zu verbringen Theresa, in Regina..Hast du uns viele Lacher beschert und viele Tränen.. Danke, dass du diese Erfahrung mit uns geteilt hast!-‎Kathy Brian Freisen‎

Theresa du bist ein unglaubliches Medium!Ich liebe deine Frenseh Serie! Es war schön dich in Estevan zu sehen und ich habe es nicht bereut!!Mein Sohn wollte dich unbedingt nach der Show sehen und er nahm uns mit um dich zu treffen und es war einfach unglaublich!Du bist einfach so eine unglaublich,lebensfrohe Frau,und ein liebenswerter Mensch!! Wir sind sehr spirituell und glauben an das was du tust! Mach weiter so!-Anita Cronk‎

Theresa Caputo war unglaublich! Ich bin so froh so eine Erfahrung gemacht haben zu dürfen! -Alicia Anaquod

Die Show heute Abend war unglaublich danke Theresa!! Das werde ich niemals vergessen -‎Shalisa Humeniuk‎

Unglaubliche Show in Estevan diesen Abend! Du hast uns zu Tränen gerührt.. Mit all den lustigen Dingen aus deinen Botschaften! Danke für den tollen Abend!-‎Debbie Beare‎

Großartige Show in Estevan am heutigen Abend Theresa. Es war mir eine Freude zu zuschauen’ in Estevan!! Mach weiter so!!-Robin Saxon‎

Ich hatte einen schönen Abend mit meiner Mutter bei Theresa Caputo! Unglaublich und ein Gefühl von Gänsehaut die ganze Zeit. -Kendra Klempnauer

Letzter Abend war ein echt cooler Abend, meine Schwiegertochter, Kim, und ihr Sohn, mein Neffe Chase, und mein Barbie und ich gingen nach Theresa Caputo im 'I Wireless Center' in Moline, Ill. Sie war in ihrem Element während sie mit geliebten Familienmitglieder und Freunden auf der anderen Seite gesprochen hat! Wir, wir 4, warteten darauf, dass sich jemand von uns meldet, am Ende des abends, kam sie zu uns und schaute Chase direkt an und fing an, ihm eine lebens verändernde Lesung zu geben! ich werde es jetzt nicht ausführen, aber er wurde vom Skeptiker zum Glauber in nur etwa 15 -20 Minuten. Sie war RICHTIG drin, Keines falls konnte sie wissen was sie ihm gesagt hatte. WOW! Finde sie großartig….Cecil D. Hobbs

Also heute Abend haben meine Mutter und ich aus nächster Nähe eine Theresa Caputo Erfahrung gemacht. Section A, Reihe 5, Sitze 7 und 8. Über 5000 Leute, niemand denkt er wird der glückliche sein, um eine Lesung zu erhalten. Deutsch , wir waren einer der glücklichen!!! Sie wusste Dinge, und offenbarte Dinge die kein Fremnder wissen konnte. Es war intensiv, verrückt, unglaublich, alles war einfach UNGLAUBLICH!!! Ich bin so dankbar, dass ich diese Erfahrung mit meiner Mutter gemacht habe. Es wurden Dinge gesagt die vielleicht auf uns beide zutrafen. Wenn ich es vorher nicht geglaubt hätte, Würde ich es jetzt. -Sarah Stark Ashby

Als meine Mutter vor drei Jahren verstarb, war ich nicht mehr in der Lage glücklich zu sein. Ich fühlte mich als würde jeden Tag irgendwas auf meine Brust schlagen. Ich habe dich in 'Moline Friday' gesehen. Deine Worte waren ein (guter) Schlag ins Gesicht nach vielen Schicksalsschlägen von Gott. Ich bin so froh, dass du deine Gabe mit uns teilst und ignorier die Zweifler. Ich fühle mich wohl und bin bereit nach vorne zu schauen. Lisa Beyer


We were at your show last night in Hershey! I lost my husband almost 5 years ago. I brought both my boys to your show last night one was very reluctant to even come. Our seats were way up in the balcony and they looked at me like your kidding she will never even come up here. Well you did and you spoke with my boys and myself. They are now 21 und 14 and struggle every day with their fathers death. I can not thank you enough for the gift you gave them last night of hearing from their dad. Thank you for all you do -Jennifer Moran

Thank you for a great time last night! You spent a lot time right near me, and while my loved didn’t come through I was so happy for those whom did. Lots of laughs and some tears! Love you and will definitely come to see you again! by the way my husband whom I’ve rarely see cry got choked up with the little girl who lost her sister!-Candace Gorsuch-Dunkelberger

We saw you Sunday in Hershey and i loved it and was quite impressed that you came up into the balcony!-Kerri Doyle Meyer


Theresa Caputo is amazing. Best night ever. Can’t wait to go see her again-Sue Santoro

You were amazing in Providence!!! -Ellie Rousselle Morrissey

Theresa! I attended the show last evening in Boston and I must say you surpassed all my expectations! Although I didn’t get a reading (which I think so many hope for) there were those who needed it more than me. I cried tears of joy for those who were able to receive closure and know their loved ones are at peace. Thank you for sharing your special gift with us!! And I loved how you dealt with the more rowdy attendees. It’s unfortunate that they behaved so rudely! Please come back to Boston!! – the shoes were AMAZING-Lauren Gately

Amazing show at the Wang tonight Theresa. You clearly have a truly amazing gift. No question. Thank you for sharing it with the world.-Katherine Heatley

Tonight’s experience in Louisville was wonderful! Theresa is very funny and spirit spoke to many this evening. It was a terrific experience. And I LOVED your shoes!!!!!
‎Diane Walker‎

Just went last night to see The Long Island Medium at The War Memorial Arena in Johnstown last night and You, Theresa Caputo are AWESOME. I didn’t get read but that’s okay. Even though she passed 8 1/2 years ago I still feel my mother with me every day. Just the other day I was standing on my front porch and could swear I could smell her perfume. It made me feel good, real good. Thank you. YOU ROCK!!!!!!-Susan J. Smith

Long Island Medium’ pays for headstone for Jamestown family By Wendy Reuer

Long Island Medium’ pays for headstone for Jamestown family
By Wendy Reuer

FARGO – Codi Clark got much more than just a message from her departed son at “Long Island Medium” Theresa Caputo’s live show here Wednesday night.
Clark, a Jamestown native, lost her 18-month old son Eli Garret Swensrud on Nov. 29, 2014, after he drowned in the bathtub.
“Is there something about a headstone?” Caputo asked Clark in front of about 4,000 fans at Scheels Arena.
Clark nodded and said she and the father of her twin boys recently sketched out what they would like to see at Eli’s grave, but they weren’t able to afford what they wanted.
Without hesitation, Caputo volunteered to cover the cost.
The audience broke into applause and Clark’s small frame doubled over in shock and disbelief before reaching out to ask Caputo for a hug.
Clark told The Forum Thursday that Caputo gave her backstage passes and told her to come see her after the Fargo show. There, Caputo shared her contact information so the stone company can directly send her an invoice for the headstone or grave marker.
The marker’s estimated cost is $8,600. Clark plans to include photos and an engraved portrait of Mickey Mouse, her son’s favorite character, on the stone.
Clark said she hadn’t heard of Caputo or her reality show, TLC’s “Long Island Medium,” before Wednesday. The father of a Jamestown classmate who died by suicide bought extra tickets for Caputo’s live show and offered one to Clark.
“I almost didn’t go to the show,” she said Thursday. “I’ve been super sick, but I had the feeling I was supposed to be there. It was pretty remarkable. I’m definitely a big fan now.”
The headstone wasn’t the only gift Clark got from Caputo. Caputo told Clark that her son confirmed his death was accidental and that she should let go of any guilt.
Jamestown police said last year that Eli and his twin brother, Trey, were at their father’s home and they were being watched by his girlfriend while he was at work. The woman stepped out of the room to tend to another child and, when she returned, Eli had climbed into a bathtub and was underwater. His death was ruled an accident.
“I’ve always kinda questioned if it was accidental or not,” Clark said. “[Knowing that] helps me with my grieving process tremendously.”
Caputo said the boy said his father carries the grief and guilt of his death.
“I’ve known that for a long time,” Clark said. “Last night, I got a lot of answers.”
Throughout the show, Caputo — wearing a blue dress and rhinestone-bedazzled heels — walked the arena to find about a dozen recipients of messages from spirits, or dead people. That included family members of three men who recently died in a Minnesota boating accident and a woman whose sister was murdered many years ago.
Caputo tries to give peace and healing to those who have suffered loss. The practicing Catholic said, “For me, it’s a gift and I consider it an honor and a privilege to be able to deliver messages from our departed loved ones, to give people back that faith and hope in themselves.”

Caputo said Wednesday that all profits of her fan club, where show tickets can be bought, are donated to a local Long Island Meals on Wheels organization and Wounded Warrior branch.


Thank you for the beautiful experience , tears and lots of laughs last night in Des Moines . I’m always in awe watching you do readings on your Tv show on TLC but to actually witness it in person was beyond anything I could’ve ever imagined . ❤❤❤
Iowa Loves you Theresa !!!!! Hurry back soon-‎Beth Ganoe

You were beyond AMAZING at your show in Lincoln…spot on for so many people…and then you got to my family, I was speechless! You read us perfectly, did not miss a single thing. What a great show we were laughing and crying, I am so impressed by the donations for the Veterans and Meals on Wheels. Theresa you are a CLASS ACT. And you said my daughter was pretty, that was the cherry on top. I can’t thank you enough.-‎Melissa Schaefer

Came to your show in Kansas City last night. You were amazing! And even though you didn’t personally speak to me I felt my brothers spirit speaking to me through another young man you read about his brothers suicide. It was so very similar. Thank you for all you do in helping people find peace and comfort knowing their loved ones are in a better place and want us to be happy and live our lives. You looked so beautiful last night and you really rock those heels. I have no idea how you can stand/walk in them the whole show but you go girl. Much love!-Julie McCain Inman