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I was just at your show at the Geneesse Theatre. You are truly amazing. I’d come see you again, again and again.-Michele Castiglione Wodek‎

Saw Theresa Caputo in Springfield last night. She is marvelous! Funny, sassy, sexy, and spot on with her reads. I did not get a reading, but that is not what made the evening so enjoyable. Theresa is real and genuine….so much fun! If u read this Theresa ..thank u an God bless u nd ur family. That’s the best night I have had out in months.-Chrissy Helmuth‎

Omg! Just saw Theresa in Ypsilanti Michigan she looked so cut ,sparkly and beautiful those michiganders we shocked! She must be exhausted from all those wonderful readings thanks Theresa-Shelby Boutell Lesniak‎

Thanks for coming to Ypsilanti, Mi. You are a hoot! You made me cry just as much as you made me laugh with your jokes. I would pay any day to see you live. BTW, I sooo loved your shiny shoes-Lynn Hildreth‎

Thank You so much for my reading in Lexington KY….. it was such a healing experience for me…. Thank you for sharing your gift-‎Mikki Rogers Dryer‎

Thank you soooo much for an awesome time in Ypsilanti tonite- and am so grateful and blessed to have won the meet and greet- thanks for swag and pics, and most importantly, for being so kind and sweet!-Gina Ganni‎


Nothing like seeing the review and me n my mom were talked about. We weren’t skeptic, we were in complete shock and my mom isn’t the type of person that likes the focus on her 🙂 it was a shock n we never expected it to happen especially first. We will forever remember and be grateful for this experience. Do I wish I handled it different yes, I know the reading would of went on longer but it was just a shock to us both.-Angela Kopec

Thank you for a wonderful night here in Rochester.
I was very blessed to teach you how to sign my name, “J” and “I Love You” in American Sign Language (ASL), met you and took pictures of us together personally at Fan Club Meet Up. And having you come out on the stage with a couple signs you just learned from me and you shared it with the crowd in front of me- it made me feel very special.
A lot of laugh from the readings and show are so much needed (10/6/16). I can’t wait for you to come back here again. You are the best and God bless you!
Thank you again for a memorable night I will never forget! _\m/ Xo-‎Jessica Lynne‎

Saw you tonight in Rochester and you talked with my boyfriends step mom! You are so gifted. I have watched your show since It came out! Love you and what you do! Thank you for a night I will never forget!-‎Heidi Skeffington

Tonight was amazing first I received a special reading from theresa I’m a fan got a picture with her. And I know my mom is safe and ok when she said something about a opel ring I was floored I bought my mom several opel rings over the years when she died I gave each of my girls one and several grandaughters. I’m at peace knowing my mom is at peace thank you theresa hope your ankle is ok.-‎Laura Bell Lottie

Theresa, I have seen you on TV a few times and was invited to your show tonight with my Aunt who had won tickets to your show. Going in I was much a skeptic. But I thought, what the heck. Although I didn’t get a “read” from you, I left feeling very alive and more understanding what my loved ones needed to say, even if it wasn’t directly said to me through you, by them. I think what you do for people is magical. You truly touched me this evening and I was so glad I attended your show! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to what you do! Looking forward to your next show!-Elizabeth Clark

‎Cathy Chen Farrington‎ to Theresa Caputo
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I am beyond excited after your show tonight! We were excited you popped into the fan club event and were gracious enough to take pictures with everyone. The show itself was emotional and inspirational. To top it off, I won the meet and greet after the show. Theresa, you are genuine and lovely…and even shared your picture tips from Oprah. If that wasn’t enough, you gave a huge swag bag filled with merch! You are so good to your fans, that’s why we love you-Cathy Chen Farrington


It was an Honor to Spend the Evening with You Last Night Theresa, in Regina..You gave Us Lots of Laughs and Many Tears..Thanks for Sharing in Your Experience!-‎Kathy Brian Freisen‎

Theresa you are one amazing Medium!Love your TV show! Loved seeing you in Estevan wouldn’t have missed going!!My son got drawn to see you after show and he took us to go with him to meet you as well and just amazing!You are such an amazing,happy,loveable human being!! We are very spiritual and so believe in what you do! Keep up the excellent stuff you do!-Anita Cronk‎

Theresa Caputo was amazing! I’m so glad I got to experience something like that! -Alicia Anaquod

The show tonight was amazing Thank you Theresa!! Something I will never forge-‎Shalisa Humeniuk‎

Incredible show in Estevan this evening! You had us wiping tears.. From laughter to your messages! Thanks for the great evening!-‎Debbie Beare‎

Great show tonight in Estevan Theresa. Was a pleasure watching you and can’t believe you stopped in little ole’ Estevan!! Keep up the amazing work!!-Robin Saxon‎

Had an amazing night with my mom at Theresa Caputo! Mind blowing and goosebumps.-Kendra Klempnauer

Last night was a very cool night, my sister in-law, Kim, and her son, my nephew Chase, and my Barbie and I went to see Theresa Caputo at the I Wireless Center in Moline, Ill. She was out of this world with connecting with loved ones and friends on the other side! We, us 4, were looking for someone to come through, at the very end of her night, she came over to us and looked right at Chase and started to give him a life changing reading! I will not go into it, but that man went from a non-believer to a believer in about 15 -20 minutes. She was totally SPOT on, no way she could have known what she was telling him about things and friends and relatives. WOW! Love her….Cecil D. Hobbs

So tonight my mom and I got to experience first hand the Theresa Caputoshow live. Section A, row 5, seats 7 and 8. Out of about 5000 people, nobody ever really thinks they will be the lucky person, receiving a reading. Well guess what, it happened to us!!! She knew things, and offered info that not just any random person could relate to. It was intense, crazy, insane, and above all AMAZING!!! I am so greatful that I got to experience this with my mom. There were things said that may provide a kind of closure for us both. If I wasnt a believer before, I definitely would be after that.-Sarah Stark Ashby

Since my mom died three years ago, I’ve been incomplete. I literally felt like I was sucker punched in the chest every day. I saw you in Moline Friday. Your words were a (good) slap in the face after a long series of winks from God. I am so grateful that you chose to share your gift with the world and ignore the doubters. I feel whole and am so ready to move forward.Lisa Beyer


We were at your show last night in Hershey! I lost my husband almost 5 years ago. I brought both my boys to your show last night one was very reluctant to even come. Our seats were way up in the balcony and they looked at me like your kidding she will never even come up here. Well you did and you spoke with my boys and myself. They are now 21 and 14 and struggle every day with their fathers death. I can not thank you enough for the gift you gave them last night of hearing from their dad. Thank you for all you do -Jennifer Moran

Thank you for a great time last night! You spent a lot time right near me, and while my loved didn’t come through I was so happy for those whom did. Lots of laughs and some tears! Love you and will definitely come to see you again! by the way my husband whom I’ve rarely see cry got choked up with the little girl who lost her sister!-Candace Gorsuch-Dunkelberger

We saw you Sunday in Hershey and i loved it and was quite impressed that you came up into the balcony!-Kerri Doyle Meyer


Theresa Caputo is amazing. Best night ever. Can’t wait to go see her again-Sue Santoro

You were amazing in Providence!!! -Ellie Rousselle Morrissey

Theresa! I attended the show last evening in Boston and I must say you surpassed all my expectations! Although I didn’t get a reading (which I think so many hope for) there were those who needed it more than me. I cried tears of joy for those who were able to receive closure and know their loved ones are at peace. Thank you for sharing your special gift with us!! And I loved how you dealt with the more rowdy attendees. It’s unfortunate that they behaved so rudely! Please come back to Boston!! – the shoes were AMAZING-Lauren Gately

Amazing show at the Wang tonight Theresa. You clearly have a truly amazing gift. No question. Thank you for sharing it with the world.-Katherine Heatley

Tonight’s experience in Louisville was wonderful! Theresa is very funny and spirit spoke to many this evening. It was a terrific experience. And I LOVED your shoes!!!!!
‎Diane Walker‎

Just went last night to see The Long Island Medium at The War Memorial Arena in Johnstown last night and You, Theresa Caputo are AWESOME. I didn’t get read but that’s okay. Even though she passed 8 1/2 years ago I still feel my mother with me every day. Just the other day I was standing on my front porch and could swear I could smell her perfume. It made me feel good, real good. Thank you. YOU ROCK!!!!!!-Susan J. Smith