The Palace Theatre Albany – on 09/15/22- Becky

I was so happy to finally go and see her live! It was great, even though I didn’t have someone come thru it was amazing to see her in action!-

The Palace Theatre Albany – Albany. on 09/13/22 -Lola Romano

I was very impressed with Teresa Caputo. She’s and eloquent speaker with just the right amount of sass! She was kind, thoughtful, intelligent and humorous and is a great source of comfort to those suffering with the loss of loved ones. I would definitely attend one of her shows again and would highly recommend others to see her in person. I left her show with a feel good peace at mind feeling.

The Palace Theatre Albany – Albany 09/13/22- Charles Charboneau

On September 10th I got to meet Theresa and even had a photo taken with her . She’s so down to earth and her blue eyes in person are so pretty . Her show was amazing and her voice I could listen to it all day. I will definitely go see her again

Shea’s Performing Arts Center – Buffalo 09/13/22

Theresa was unbelievable! She walked around the entire theater and we were lucky enough to get a reading! This experience is once in a lifetime. Well worth it!

Shea’s Performing Arts Center – Buffalo -Mambo 09/13/22

The show was excellent! She’s just as entertaining as she is on her show, if not more so! It was nice to see her in action, and a lot of what she said was very comforting. Thank you for the opportunity.

Shea’s Performing Arts Center – Buffalo -Cara 09/12/22

My mom and I watch her all the time! Live show was such a fun experience and she’s so funny! The meet and greet add on was so fun as well. Such a great opportunity

The Stanley – Utica- Mare 05/22/22

My sister and I were one of the lucky ones to get a reading. Not only did one of my family members came through but four! My first-born grandson was the first who I never got to hold or see after his birth. She knew that I only have a picture of his face on which he was blue. The moment she said that I had a cold – hot flash feeling come over me and I was sweating around my neck. She asked did I felt that feeling and I said yes! She said that was my grandson’s soul going through me. At that moment I finally felt the peace with my grandson Alexander. Thank you, Theresa Caputo, for easing my heart.

The Stanley – Utica-Judy 05/21/22

Totally enjoyed the experience. Awesome!!! Look forward to seeing her again!!!

Hershey Theatre – Hershey-Morgan 05/20/22

She was so interactive with her audience!! my venue has two levels and she interacted with both & had a camera crew with her displayed on the big screen so everyone could see!! but it was such an amazing show!! she was extremely interactive and sensitive with people.



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