Shea’s Performing Arts Center – Buffalo – Chris 09/12/22

Theresa had multiple moments of laughter, tears and blessings. She gave people the peace they needed to get past the tough moments in life and death, including the loss of children

Charleston Municipal Auditorium – Charleston -Catrina 06/01/22

WONDERFUL, EXCITING and VALIDATING. I did not get read, but the experience was worth the 2 1/2 hour drive to see Theresa. Thanks for a bucket list check off! ❤️

Charleston Municipal Auditorium – Charleston -Trish 05/27/22

Theresa was funny, caring, honest. Really enjoyed the experience this time around. She was so wonderful with the kids. She is a beautiful person inside and out. She spoke about things that I already felt and knew. Can’t wait for her to return to West Virginia.

Charleston Municipal Auditorium – Charleston -Patti 05/27/22 

We were fortunate to be able to include the pre-show photo op package with our ticket purchase. Meeting Theresa Caputo and experiencing her true interest in her fans was very rewarding and endeared her to my daughter and I as the real person we found her to be. The live experience during her show was incredible! She is a funny person who jokes about herself and includes the audience in her comedy in a very personable manner. The readings that happened during the 2 1/2 hours we spent together were so heartfelt. That large auditorium was filled with emotion and healing. We will definitely be watching for her next nearby show to attend.

Charleston Municipal Auditorium – Charleston -Bobby Flowers 05/27/22

Teresa is a wonderful person with an amazing gift. She helped so many people that night. It was a wonderful experience that i got to share with my momma.

Hershey Theatre – Hershey -SuzinSI 05/25/22 

This was my 2nd experience to Theresa’s show and once again she had me both laughing and crying. Amazing how she experiences what is going on in peoples private lives. Plus the venue (at Hershey Theatre) was the best. The volunteers there are always so pleasant, knowledgeable and personable. Will be back!

Landmark Theatre – Syracuse -Maggie 05/23/22

I’ve been a big fan for years, but Theresa continues to amaze me. It was great to see her in person. She combines pathos with a good dose of humor and really does help people with their grief. Big thumbs up!



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