Saw Theresa last night in Vegas! More hysterical in person than on the show. I did not go wanting a reading. I’m good with my peeps in spirit. It was awesome to see healing of others and done in a way you can laugh too. Bring tissues it’s easy to cry for others. Lovely night. Nice guns Theresa I do boot camp every day. You obviously work it too. Don’t know if Larry was with you but if the family travels with you it would be neat to introduce them -Kaitlin Washburn‎

What an awesome show tonight in Las Vegas!!! We love you Teresa!!! Love from Donny’s wife -‎Melissa Goodson‎ 💕

Hi Theresa! My daughter and I attended your show last night in Las Vegas at the Monte Carlo! The show was amazing so many guests who received spirit from you last night Were able to get some great healing! Funny when you sang that song “I love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck was a validation for my daughter and myself and my family that was my sister Connie Pepe who passed away last year after being diagnosed with cancer died one month later very quickly solast night when you sang that song I knew she was sending this Message it was validation to us that Connie is still with us as I knew anyway but it was great to hear I’m glad to know that she is always with us in spirit! Thank you for your amazing gift from spirit May God bless you and always hold you in his loving white light ! We love you 😍😘💋🙏🏼😇✨🌟✨look forward to watching your show November 6 I believe can’t wait!💝🙏🏼💝😇🔮🎥🎞📺Love & Peace Denise Adonis 💕💖✨🌟

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