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The Fan Club is something I’m very proud of. The fan club was formed to protect the fans! Pre-Sale codes are available only to members, and can be found the morning of the sale on the fan-club site and runs for 2 days before tickets become available to the public. This helps to prevent scalpers and third party sites from buying and reselling tickets at insane prices! The fan club fee is $19.99 a year. That money is used to run and maintain the site and all extra revenue is used to give back to the fans, ALL OF IT! This includes meet and greets and giveaways, and VIP experiences.We are now in the middle of a Pay it forward giveaway for the entire month of July, where you enter to win one $100 visa gift card for yourself and you also get a $100 gift card to donate to charity! How awesome is that!
Every Fan Club member is eligible to be a VIP Experience recipient just by being a member. We randomly choose fans to attend a Live Experience, stay a few days in that city with a guest – all-expenses paid! Flight, travel, hotel and spending money included. They get to come hang out back stage before the show for sound check, enjoy dinner with me and the crew (and Larry of course lol) and attend a Live Experience. Here’s what a few of last years winners had to say.

Jenna “I was so very lucky to win an all-expenses paid trip to go see a show and meet Theresa in San Jose California. This was honestly one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life! I have also been away from my husband for almost 3 months due to the military and winning this trip brought us back together for almost 4 days of AWESOMENESS!”

Katie: “ Right before I left for work, my family and I received the most shocking phone call out of the clear blue. It was Annie from Theresa Caputo’s Fan Club informing me that I had been chosen for a VIP Experience in Grand Rapids, Michigan with all expenses paid! After I picked myself up from the floor, reality set in. I was really going to meet her! My Mother and brother were also invited to come along with me. We were all in shock and so excited about spending time with Theresa, Larry and the crew.”

Andrew: My mom and myself had the honor and privilege to spend the afternoon with Theresa and her team, have dinner with them, enjoy her live show, and of course a meet and greet after the show. A few months before the experience Annie from the Fan Club contacted and told me that Theresa wanted to give me free tickets to her show and a dinner. At first I couldn’t believe it but after talking with Annie I knew it was REAL!”


My wish for everyone I meet is that Spirit gives them a message that brings them the most peace at that exact moment. Souls often tell me they appreciate when you remember and celebrate them, which can also be a beneficial step on the road to your healing. I hope this collection helps you honor your loved ones in a beautiful and unique way. A portion of the proceeds from Jeweled Moments are donated to the Long Island Veterans Home.

Jeweled Moments- People Magazine Style News

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Members of Theresa Caputo’s Fan Club get access to tickets for live events before the general public. For information on how to become a member of Theresa’s Fan Club Click HERE








The show is about my world, how I balance family, clients and spirit.
Many people ask how it all began. My friend Victoria Woods felt that I was made for TV and this was the perfect way to share my gift with everyone. Her sister Courtney Mullin and friend Jonathan Partridge both producers helped make that a reality. Between TLC, Magilla Entertainment and my incredible crew I’ve been able to share my life and amazing gift with the world. People ask, “How has your life changed since the show?” I say the only thing that changed is that I have both cameras and spirit following me now. LOL

At the end of the day I’m just Theresa Caputo a medium, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend from Hicksville.

Faith, love and happiness to you always!!!!