The fan club was formed to protect the fans! Pre-Sale codes are available only to members, and can be found the morning of the sale on the fan-club site. This helps to prevent scalpers and third party sites from buying and reselling tickets at insane prices! The fan club fee is $19.99 a year. That money is used to run and maintain the site and all extra revenue is used to give back to the fans. This includes meet and greets, and giveaways. And this is my favorite, fans are picked to come spend the day with me. All expenses are paid, including hotel and airfare. Thanks for the amazing love and support. I love and appreciate all of you! You guys ROCK!


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It was just another ordinary workday/ Friday… until I received a call from Annie from Theresa’s Fan Club telling me that I had been chosen to attend theVIP Experience in New York City all expenses paid! OMG!! I started screaming!! I just couldn’t believe it. Meeting Theresa, Seeing a Live Experience, all expenses paid AND New York City at Christmas time!!! WOW! I was completely overwhelmed with excitement. Just the fact that I was going to meet Theresa was so surreal! Then Annie gave me all the specifics of my trip. I thought I would faint. I called my mom and said, “Mom, are you sitting down? Wait till you hear my news!” She was as excited as I was! I could take one person with me and I took my mom.
The whole trip was amazing from beginning to end. We flew first class to New York. We stayed at the Plaza hotel for two nights in the most gorgeous room ever! The Fan Club treated us to a wonderful dinner when we got to New York. We also had a wonderful breakfast at the Plaza Hotel for two mornings. As if all this wasn’t over the top for me to wrap my brain around then Annie told me that were we getting $500 cash to spend in the city. The next day we toured the city. Then at 3PM a car came to pick us up as we headed to The Theatre at Westbury in Long Island to meet Theresa and see her Live Experience show. I couldn’t wait to get there!!! I was out of my skin. I couldn’t wait to meet Theresa!
When I got to the theatre and met Theresa she was so real, sweet, warm, genuine and funny! I just had to give her the biggest hug and squeeze her!! Theresa, Larry and all the staff there made my mom and me feel so special and welcome. We sat down and chatted with Theresa and Larry for a while about the trip, where I was from, etc. Then as we were talking…… Theresa’s lips started pressing together. LOL! I knew it was coming- she was sensing spirit. She gave my mom and me a reading which was so healing and so right on!! It brought us so much peace.
Next, Theresa gave me and my mom a Swag Bag with tons of Theresa stuff in it, like a cleansing kit with sage and a feather, Theresa magnets (which of course are on my fridge!) T-shirts, a sweatshirt, mouse pad with her picture and her favorite saying, “The higher the hair the closer to God!” She autographed both of her books for us and even autographed my ticket stubs from previous shows that I had been to. She was so REAL, so easy to talk with and so genuine. A total sweetheart! We didn’t want to leave all these great people at the end of the night.
After we chatted for a while with Theresa and Larry it was time for dinner. We had delicious food from Theresa’s favorite Italian restaurant that is featured on Long Island Medium called Franinas. It was so delicious! We had a private dining experience with Annie, Sylvia, Theresa and Larry and some other crew members. It was so amazing. After dinner Theresa invited us to hang out with her in her dressing room as she got ready for the show!!! Say what?!!? OMG!!!! This whole experience was beyond words!! We met everyone from Theresa’s assistant to the woman who does Theresa’s make up , to the woman who makes her dresses, to the man who is one of the creators Long Island Medium and they were all so sweet, kind, welcoming, and made us feel so special! Great people there!
At 7:45 we were escorted to our seats for the show. Theresa gave a shout out to me and my mom in the audience! She channeled for people in the audience for a little more than two and a half hours. She brought incredible healing to so many people there as she does time and time again. It’s always such a gift to see Theresa work. She always makes me cry, in a good way of course. After the show we met Theresa, Larry, Annie and Sylvia back stage and took lots of pictures. I really didn’t want this night to end. It was so perfect in every way.
Larry and Theresa couldn’t get over my bicep muscle… (I work out! LOL) Larry asked me to make a muscle and we took some really funny pictures. He is such a great guy!! Just like you see on TV. He is so funny and laid back and easy to talk with. The night was a complete dream come true for me and I want to say a HUGE, HUGE thank you to Theresa, Mills Entertainment, Annie and Sylvia, who run this PHENOMINAL fan club, for making this trip possible. Theresa has the biggest heart ever. I want to thank her for devoting so much of herself and her time selflessly to her fans. It means so much. The fact that she takes this kind of time and care with her fans speaks to her true integrity and character. She is one special lady in my book!
Thank you to all of you!!! Xoxoxox
Debbie and Terry
Rhode Island

We sent another Fan Club member to a Live Experience to meet and hang out with Theresa! Steven Gleim and his wife Lynn went to the Live Experience in Beverly Hills on November 7th. We made arrangements for them to stay at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, where they had in suite breakfast and massages. Then a car service picked them up for dinner and downtime with Theresa and Larry. Plus, they received a Fan Club swag bags! Here’s what Steven had to say about his Experience:

“There are Events in one’s life that make you think “It doesn’t get any better than this, no way to top that one”, but I found myself rethinking that after I got a call from Annie Finn from Mills Entertainment, “Theresa would like to invite you for The VIP Experience when she comes to Beverly Hills, CA.” GET OUT, YOU’RE KIDDING! Am I being punked?” This was for REAL!

A VIP Experience that came true with the first hug from Theresa, a pat on the back and handshake from Larry made me feel like part of the family. My wife Lynn and myself spent some alone time backstage with Theresa and Larry chatting like old friends when we got the signal that dinner was ready, HOLY SMOKES! You can’t go wrong with Italian. Shortly after you could smell the popcorn from the lobby and heard the doors open, we knew it was time for the Experience!

If you were wondering, yes, my wife and I got messages. I wish I could tell you every detail but there’s not enough room on this page. But what I would like to do is first thank Theresa for allowing us to spend time with her. Second, I would like to thank all TC Fans for their support of the Fan Club. Last but not least and in no particular order, Theresa, Larry, Annie, Amy, CC, Eric, Mark, Mills Entertainment and all the crew that made this a True VIP Experience. Thank You! Steven Gleim”

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The show is about my world, how I balance family, clients and spirit.
Many people ask how it all began. My friend Victoria Woods felt that I was made for TV and this was the perfect way to share my gift with everyone. Her sister Courtney Mullin and friend Jonathan Partridge both producers helped make that a reality. Between TLC, Magilla Entertainment and my incredible crew I’ve been able to share my life and amazing gift with the world. People ask, “How has your life changed since the show?” I say the only thing that changed is that I have both cameras and spirit following me now. LOL

At the end of the day I’m just Theresa Caputo a medium, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend from Hicksville.

Faith, love and happiness to you always!!!!